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The First Ever Australian Unschooling Conference Retreat

Not only Australia’s first ever Unschooling Conference but also my own first ever unschooling conference. Five wonderful days surrounded by parents and children happy in each other’s company. What could be more uplifting?

I’m told that 110 families attended this conference, which was apparently well beyond initial expectations. So – hundreds of people to mix with, which was fascinating for me because I’m usually quite a private person.

It was a pretty full on adventure all in all with a succession of talks and discussions every day for the grown ups and plenty of activities for the children. Sometimes what featured most in the talks and discussions was the philosophy of “unschooling”, sometimes it was the personal experiences of individual unschoolers and their families. I particularly enjoyed hearing other people’s stories and about what they actually do in their day to day lives, and meeting in person a number of people I’ve been following online or who are subscribers to my newsletter. And I got to meet The Sparkling Martins – keynote speaker Dayna Martin and her family. They really are sparkling!

I’m not going to go into the details of the conference here because the schedule of activities and the biographies of all the speakers are readily available at the official Australian Unschooling Conference Retreat website. My main aim in creating this page is to publicly acknowledge the event – the first of its kind in Australia – and to provide a portal through which those who were there can be reminded of it and those who weren’t can find out more about it if they so desire.

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