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ADD and ADHD mumbo jumbo – The 9 factors of poor concentration

by Mike Brescia, Chief of Research, Think Right Now International, Inc.

A lot of money is being spent by supplement companies trying to get us all to believe that the only factor in our ability to focus is some vitamin deficiency.


Even more is spent trying to convince us we all have a “Ritalin deficiency” and that our brains aren’t wired right. Nothing would please Big Pharma more than if we were all in drug induced fogs.

Well, I know a lot of people who have the best diets but seem completely scatter-brained, with their attention going from one thing to the next with every change in the wind or with every email coming in or with every conversation overheard in the hallway.

And vitamins and chemical deficiencies have nothing to do with it.

It’s simply undisciplined minds. That’s all.

In our research, there were 9 primary factors involved in the inability to concentrate fully. These 9 are the core reasons why many people get distracted easily and don’t get more done in their days.

Those 9 factors are:

1. Your mind wandering to both remembered past events and imagined future events. Not a vitamin deficiency, just the mind’s undisciplined actions when it was never trained in a structured way to stay on task.  

This is easy to change.

2. Tasks magnified. Research shows that when you believe some task is difficult and not fun or interesting, your mind goes into overdrive trying to find something it does find fun and interesting. When you do that, you can’t pay attention to what you are doing. Jobs that might take an hour could take 8 hours or more when you feel overwhelmed by the “size” of the task.  

Difficult to change, but we do it every day for people all over the world.

3. Problems magnified. When mistakes, setbacks and delays are seen as big or bigger than they are, and are not seen as expected, you feel blindsided by them and lose all ability to stay focused on what you are doing. This leads to #1 and worse.  

Difficult to change, but very do-able.

4. Disaster thinking. This can come from a number of places. Terrible past, horrific events, routine failings, low self-esteem, etc. Obviously when you only see the worst outcomes as likely, you can’t focus on what you need to be paying attention to. Sooooo, more mistakes occur and the “negative law of attraction” is alive in your life. Actually, the “Law of  Repulsion” describes the effects of this pattern.  

Difficult to change, but it can be done quickly.

5. Positive “anchors” to negative people, places and things. Actually, negative is a bad word here. It’s better to thinkof this one as simply wanting to be doing something else or being somewhere else besides what you are doing. This one is similar to #1. Mind wandering, but specifically wandering to more “fun” things that you would rather be doing.  

Easy to change.

6. Negative “anchors” to positive people, places, things. Again, “positive” in this case isn’t the best word. In reality, when you don’t want to get what focusing/concentrating will get you, like a different job, you won’t focus your attention or energies on the tasks that will put you in a different job. It’s a matter of motivation. When “succeeding” means pain on any level of mind, your motivation stays low and failure is guaranteed.  

This could be difficult or easy to change. Depends on the goal or “reward” for reaching the goal. Simple mental discipline.

7. Worry. This is a derivative of #4. When you are moving along, headed toward the event/person/situation you fear most, worry (inability to stop thinking about it/looping bad mental pictures) is the natural result.

Difficult to change, but in many cases, it can happen quickly.

8. Doubt. Lack of faith or low confidence is a core failure pattern,  but its roots can be in negative experiences or in having no experience at all in the area you are asking yourself to “concentrate” on. For example, if you’ve never done well at math, it’s not likely that you’ll put all your mental energy into studying for a test or some other future event needing math skills. So, the mind wanders. Mental discipline is all that is needed.  

Relatively easy to change.

9. Physical pain/discomfort from injury, illness or disease. Concentrating when you feel like crap is difficult even for the most mentally disciplined people, but it is possible. Ability to keep the end in mind can get even people who are in sheer physical misery across the finish line.

This one is the most difficult to alleviate from a mental aspect but it can still happen easily and quickly in many cases.  

These 9 were the biggest factors we found that kept people from being able to stay mentally on track with whatever they are doing.

It’s all just mental discipline. Nothing more.

Our Accelerated Success Conditioning Program, Laser-Focused Concentration Now! addresses these nine mental patterns and many more, like a cannon.

There were over 700 specific problem beliefs, thought patterns, attitudes and emotional patterns that we found that makes concentrating for long difficult.

“For long” could mean minutes or it could mean years.

Getting a degree, for example, takes years and requires intense focus and determination, but not every second of every day.

Driving a car through a crowded street takes almost all of your attention but only for a few minutes.

Putting a golf ball takes intense concentration but only for a few seconds.

Every minute of your life, practically, requires one type of concentration or another…

At least, if you want to achieve great things.

I hear people almost daily claiming they have ADD or ADHD.

What a crock of ****.

They have an undisciplined mind is what they have.

Not stupid.  

Not bad.

Not losers.

Just undisciplined minds.

What we discovered about focus and concentration is revolutionary.

What we delivered in Laser-Focused Concentration Now! is revolutionary.

There is no other type of product in existence today that can turn someone who can’t concentrate and give them the skills of the most focused people alive.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing this ADD and ADHD mumbo-jumbo.

Dietary factors are certainly a primary cause of the inability to concentrate for many people. But not for most.

And drugging yourself or your kids?

That stuff affects our DNA…the foundational building blocks. Wake up.

If you have trouble concentrating, learn about Laser-Focused Concentration Now!

Click on that link and read that page at the Think Right Now! website.

Print it out if you have to.

But read it.

Just like many of our other programs that have gotten people off unnecessary medications, you owe it to yourself to see this one.

The ability to keep your mind on one thing as if playing a single musical note for many minutes straight can have such profoundly positive effects on a person’s life, you can’t even imagine.

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