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Feel Good Parenting: How to Use the Power of Your Heart to Create an Extraordinary Relationship with Your Child

“Do you remember how good you felt the first time you looked at your newborn baby? Do you remember the love that welled up within you? Something happened in that moment – something that went beyond the physical. Something within you reached out to meet something within your child, and in that moment you felt your oneness, a connection so profound that no words could describe it.

That is the heart connection.”

So begins the introduction to this rather special parenting book – a book that takes the reader on a fascinating journey “beyond the physical” to the deeper unseen levels of parenting where our hearts and minds are one with a power far greater than ourselves. That recognises and honours both the natural magnificence of our children and the often ignored truth that we, as their parents, must look to ourselves first in order to better look after the children that life has placed in our care.

Feel Good Parenting is, in the end, a hugely encouraging book that resonates from start to finish with my own discoveries as a successful parent over twenty years. Exploring ideas not even considered in most conventional parenting books, authors Pat and Larry Downing explain in clear and easy to understand language how our thoughts generate our experiences, why we need to be constantly aware of our feelings and the crucial importance of choosing our words carefully – and how, by acting from the heart and utilising the power of our imagination, we can consciously create happy and successful relationships with our children that are exactly as we want them to be.

Parents used to reading run of the mill parenting books that peddle the superficialities of ‘behaviour management’ and sell themselves by promoting the myth that parenting is a complex nightmare of constant struggle may well be both astonished and delighted by the philosophy of Feel Good Parenting – and inspired by the creative techniques that support and enhance that philosophy.

Seldom can what really works have been more helpfully presented than in Pat and Larry Downing’s quiet masterpiece.

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