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Parental Intelligence Newsletter,

As the Publisher of the Parental Intelligence Newsletter, it has been my great pleasure to pass on to my readers, since August 2002, a cornucopia of excellent articles, ideas and tips on the subject of parenting, and on related subjects such as education and personal development.

I was motivated to write this small book about How I Parent as an ‘extra’ to my newsletter in order to demonstrate that any ordinary person with a desire to bring out the best in their children and in themselves and who is willing to ‘risk the unusual’ can produce truly extraordinary results.

My wife Mary and I have enjoyed our experience of parenthood from day one and, amongst all the pleasure and delight, have had none of the difficulties with our children’s behaviour that parents are often encouraged to believe are an inevitable part of ‘having kids’. The truth is, the supposedly ‘normal problems’ associated with raising children are not inevitable at all!

What you’ll discover in this book are fundamental principles of human potential that most parents and many ‘parenting experts’ seem not to even think about – and may not even be aware of – yet, in my experience, they underlie everything that really works to make parenting our children a more positive experience for everyone involved day in and day out. These little known ideas have been the heart and soul of my happiness and success as a parent and stay-at-home dad throughout more than twenty years.

I know from experience just how powerful they are!

I’ve now condensed all the ‘secrets of my success’ into just five basic concepts that will be easy for you to understand. Wherever you are on your own parenting journey, you can read this book in less than ten minutes – and you can put what’s useful to you into practice right away. These ideas can be applied to whatever way of parenting suits YOU.

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