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Would You Like to Know How to Acquire the Traits and Habits of Successful Parents?

Here’s a not so well known fact.

Positive traits, qualities and habits of successful people (including successful parents!) – like optimism, confidence, motivation, etc – are behaviours that result from mental processes that run through the mind.

The building blocks of any mental process are thoughts. Therefore, to acquire the qualities of successful people (including, of course, successful parents!), all you have to do is program your mind with the right thoughts.

I attribute the major part of my relative happiness and success as a parent over more than twenty years (most of them as a stay-at-home dad) to  ‘mind programming’ techniques that have helped me generate and maintain the necessary ‘right thinking’ I’ve needed to be happy and successful. These are 100% natural techniques that anyone can learn to apply to their own daily experiences – in the arena of parenting, as I have, or in any area of your life.

There are many books, tapes and courses in both the online and bricks and mortar world that can explain the concept of ‘mind programming’ to you – which is not, by the way, about mind ‘control’ but about being the dominant influence on our own thinking – and provide you with the tools you need to make use of what you learn. However, the clearest and by far the most comprehensive explanation of what ‘mind programming’ techniques are and how they work that I know of is an e-book written by internet marketing analyst Mike Mograbi called Program Your Mind for Success in Record Time!

In Program Your Mind for Success in Record Time!, Mike explains in plain English the relationship between what goes on in our heads and what happens to us in our lives, explores the hows and whys of all the various mind programming techniques currently available and brings together what actually works into a structured, self-contained, simple to learn system guaranteed to make your life a consistently positive experience. And it uses 100% natural methods, which is a major reason why I like it so much.

In fact, Program Your Mind for Success in Record Time! is the ONLY self-help/self-improvement/personal development ‘success system‘ I’m willing to endorse and recommend. It describes and explains exactly what I actually DO myself. And a whole lot more than just that!

I appreciate that this is not for everybody, of course, but, if it is for you, Program Your Mind for Success in Record Time! will tell you everything you need to KNOW. The rest is only a matter of APPLICATION and PRACTICE.

You can use Mike Mograbi’s ‘mind programming’ system to lose excess weight, become more self-confident, quit smoking or drinking, achieve goals and more. If you want to be a happy parent and have wonderful children, what you learn from Program Your Mind for Success in Record Time!, when applied and practised, will help you get that!

Visit Mike’s website for all the exciting details

By the way, you’ll be able to download a free excerpt from Program Your Mind for Success in Record Time! to read now before you decide to buy. You’ll also see my ‘unsolicited testimonial’ at the bottom of the page!

Thanks for your time and my best wishes to you for your happiness and success, whatever you decide.

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