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Jan Hunt

Jan Hunt, B.A. Psychology (Magna cum Laude), M.Sc. Counseling Psychology, is the Director of the Natural Child Project, an attachment parenting/unschooling counselor, and a member of the Board of Directors of the CSPCC (Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). She is also a member of the advisory boards of Holistic Moms Network, Child-Friendly Initiative, and Attachment Parenting International.

Jan is the author of The Natural Child: Parenting From the Heart and the bilingual children’s picture book A Gift for Baby, and co-edited The Unschooling Unmanual with her always-unschooled son, Jason. Many of her articles are available online at and in the “Ask the Experts” section.

Jan envisions “a world in which all children are treated with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion.” She lives in central Oregon.

Jan offers telephone counseling worldwide, with a focus on dignity and respect for all family members. She has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and over twenty years of experience as a counselor and writer on parenting issues. To order a counseling call or for more information, visit or leave a message toll-free at 877-593-1547.

With its clear focus on mutual respect, The Natural Child: Parenting from the Heart offers a loving and respectful approach to raising a happy, trusting and confident child.

The Natural Child includes a foreword by Peggy O’Mara, Editor/Publisher of Mothering Magazine. It has been approved by La Leche League International, Attachment Parenting International, and Nurture by Nature Network.

Sections include Parenting with Empathy and Trust, Living with a Baby, Living with Children, Guiding Children, Helping Children Learn, and Advocating for Children.

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A Gift for Baby, a charming picture book that celebrates the many joys of attachment parenting, is available in a Spanish-English hardcover edition.

Approved by the La Leche League and Attachment Parenting International.

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Through engaging personal stories and essays, the writers offer inspiration and encouragement for both seasoned and prospective unschoolers. The book features writing by Nanda Van Gestel, Jan Hunt, Daniel Quinn, John Holt, Rue Kream, Kim Houssenloge, Earl Stevens, and Mary Van Doren.

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“Our vision is a world in which all children are treated with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion. In such a world, every child can grow into adulthood with a generous capacity for love and trust. Our society has no more urgent task.”

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