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Keith Gilbert

Keith Gilbert (Cert. Grad NLP) is an NLP Consultant and Life Coach in Sydney, Australia, and the author of neuro-linguistic programming: Liberating Parents. My favourite parenting book ever.
Teenagers: Your Essential Guide to the Weird World of… Adults

(co-authored with Leesa Schuh)


In this increasingly confusing, complex and competitive world teenagers need, more than ever, the skills and resources they need to protect themselves while creating the life that they want. This means, Mum and Dad, that they’re going to need to learn how to discover what is important to them, learn how to generate their own mental and emotional balance, and learn how to find their own purposes and achieve their own goals. To this end there is no finer set of tools than Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Teenagers can learn NLP to achieve all of the above and more. Teenagers: Your Essential Guide to the Weird World of… Adults will show your teenagers how to use language effectively, how to protect themselves from the impositions of others, and how to discover what is most important to them and translate their personal criteria into desirable, personal goals.

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