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Laura Grace Weldon

My review of Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything
from Issue 174 of the
Parental Intelligence Newsletter, July 2010

Wow, what a labour of love this book is! It must surely have taken hundreds of hours of work to compile – the depth and breadth of it is awesome.

To say that Free Range Learning is “about homeschooling” would be to tell only a fraction of the story. Laura Grace Weldon clearly has an understanding of how children really are and of what it means to be a parent – and of where all that might fit into “The Big Picture” – that goes far beyond her powerful demonstration of the many benefits of homeschooling.

So many ideas jumped out at me as I was reading this book – some new to me, some very familiar – I found myself stopping frequently to ponder. Not only on matters of educating my children and on my life as a dad, but also on life, the universe and everything! Light bulb moments. And at the same time, the many short and meaningful stories of personal experience contributed by dozens of real life homeschoolers were especially intriguing: pockets of illumination here and there throughout the pages providing me with an insight into how different homeschoolers live their everyday lives, as individuals and as families.

Whilst there’s ample discussion in this book of “homeschooling” as a concept and numerous contentions in its favour that need to be supported by research (and are), in the end this book for me is about what people actually do, what they’ve discovered from what they’ve done, what works for them, what doesn’t – and what we can all perhaps learn from their bold adventure. Add to that an abundant supply of practical ideas and resources and here is a guide to how homeschooling can indeed change everything that’s enterprising in its scope yet comprehensive in its exposition of a brave and potentially wonderful new world.

Free Range Learning is a totally splendid and encouraging book and I’m very happy to have it available to me to share with others.

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Laura Grace Weldon is the author of Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything (Hohm Press). Her background includes teaching non-violence workshops, writing poetry with nursing home residents, developing enrichment programs, and homeschooling her four children.

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