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Down On The Pharm

During the course of my recent personal look at the world of biological psychiatry – The Candlelight Project, which ran in my newsletter from Issue 49 to Issue 88 – I managed to accumulate quite a lot of interesting information about the perfectly legal and socially accepted pharmaceuticals that are very much the major part of psychiatric ‘treatment’ these days as well as being dominant in the world of medicine generally.

Drugs are a bit of an alien culture to me, to be honest. Apart from caffeine, I don’t take any (as far as I’m aware!). I wouldn’t even take an aspirin for a headache, which is a rarity in my life in any event.

That put me into a very awkward situation. Because one of the things that became apparent to me in the process of discovering all that information about drugs is that there are many seriously negative aspects of prescription pharmaceuticals that are not well known but which, in my view, as the publisher of a parenting newsletter, ought to be well known. At the same time, while I appreciate that the subject of drugs may well be a major issue with many parents, it’s a subject that, in the normal course of events, would be very unlikely to turn up in Parental Intelligence, except perhaps in an occasional passing remark. That’s because I prefer to focus my newsletter more or less exclusively on positive opportunities for more successful parenting and I believe that positive realities are not created by contemplating their opposites.

In order to ‘get around’ this predicament, I’ve decided to create this inside page at my website. It’s for those of you who would like to know something more about prescription drugs beyond the spin-doctored information that you’d usually find in the popular media.

As the title of this page might suggest, the websites I list below are less than complimentary about the pharmaceutical industry and its products, about the way those products are marketed and about the way they’re used within the medical profession and psychiatry. I don’t necessarily share anyone’s views on that. As I say, parenting I know about, drugs I don’t. For me, the fundamental issue (as, indeed, it was with The Candlelight Project itself) is one of a parent’s right to know the whole story in order to make decisions from a viewpoint of being as fully informed as possible. Whatever the phase or area of parenting, increasing our awareness of the ‘big picture’ helps us to make better choices.

So, if you’d like to increase your awareness of the whole story behind and about modern pharmaceuticals, please visit one or all of the following websites, where you will be able to communicate with people who – unlike me! – will know what they’re talking about.

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