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To this list I would add The Future is Now.

“Act as though you are and you will be.
The inner determines the outer.
It is done unto you as you believe.
Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

To this list I would add The Future is Now.

Together these all reflect what Profoundly Simple Parenting calls the law of correspondence. What appeals to me the most about Bob’s new offering is that it clearly states that parenting is about adults, as they relate to children. Most are distracted by thinking that parenting is about children. Together, parenting is about adults, not children, and the law of correspondence leads to a transformative model that can’t be beat. Simple as that…”

Michael Mendizza, Touch The Future

“Bob Collier has created a delightful little book!  Its message is concise and to the point, and should be obvious–how wonderful that he reminds us of these simple truths. There’s no advice, no shaming (quite the contrary), no wrestling between various styles of parenting; just the messages that really do make a difference in the life of any parent, and any child who has been parented by someone who has thought about life in this way.  Great job, Bob. Enjoy, other people!”

Barbara Wishingrad, founder and President of The Rebozo Way Project

“I like Profoundly Simple Parenting for its common sense and plain speech, and especially because it is not all about “techniques.” Bob Collier supports us to see and act with the eyes of respect and awe for our children’s glorious nature. Hence, we can relax, enjoy, support and deeply trust these beings who bless our lives. Help your child by working on yourself!”

John Breeding, PhD, Author of The Wildest Colts Make The Best Horses

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