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“These profoundly simple ideas tested and proven over 22 years virtually guarantee healthier, happier, brighter children”


The Simplest Parenting Book Ever shows you how to supercharge your parenting skills using fundamental principles of human potential known only to the favoured few.


From: Bob Collier, Publisher of the Parental Intelligence Newsletter

Becoming a parent – and being a parent – can be a scary experience. Or it can be a joyful experience. We do have a choice! The problem is – how to “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative” (or get as close as humanly possible).

Perhaps you’ve already noticed that there are parents in this world who can make that seem very easy! I know myself it can certainly be a lot easier than you might believe right now. This one small book will show you how.

In The Simplest Parenting Book Ever, I’ll reveal to you some unusual and little known ideas about children (and ourselves) that I discovered more than twenty years ago, just before I became a parent with the birth of my first child, my daughter Bronnie. These ideas literally changed my perception of reality!

They were first tested and proven in the five years I was my now grown up daughter’s full-time at-home parent from when she was a seven month old baby until she started school – and they produced truly fabulous results.

With less effort than most parents have to make to get results they don’t like!

The ideas you’ll read about in The Simplest Parenting Book Ever have formed the basis of my entire parenting philosophy from that wonderful beginning and have consistently generated one positive experience after another in my relationships with both of my now two wonderful children. Sometimes ‘as if by magic’!

The fact is, my wife Mary and I have enjoyed our experience of parenthood from day one and, amongst all the pleasure and delight, have had none of the difficulties with our children’s behaviour that parents are often encouraged to believe are an inevitable part of ‘having kids’. The truth is, the supposedly ‘normal problems’ associated with raising children are not inevitable at all! The Simplest Parenting Book Ever will tell you why.

WARNING. This is not Parenting 101. It’s a hundred times better! This is dynamite knowledge you won’t get from conventional ‘parenting experts’. These are outside the mainstream ideas you can plug any parenting book on the planet into and get better results than you’re getting now.

What you’ll discover in The Simplest Parenting Book Ever are fundamental principles of human potential that most parents and many ‘parenting experts’ don’t even think about – and may not even be aware of – yet, in my experience, they underlie everything that really works to make parenting our children a more positive experience for everyone involved day in and day out. These little known ideas have been the heart and soul of my happiness and success as a parent and stay-at-home dad throughout more than twenty years.

I know from experience just how powerful they are!

Now I’ve condensed all the ‘secrets of success’ into just four basic concepts that will make them easy for you to understand. Wherever you are on your parenting journey, you can learn how to be a happier and more successful parent in less than ten minutes – and you can put what you learn into practice right away. These ideas can be applied to whatever way of parenting suits YOU.

And, because The Simplest Parenting Book Ever is a very short book, I’m offering my small but beautiful ‘pearls of wisdom’ to you at a virtually give away price. Only $7.

That suits me and I hope it suits you, too.

I’m confident that The Simplest Parenting Book Ever can make a very positive difference to your life – and, through you, to the lives of your children – but, yes, it is a very different kind of parenting book! Only you can be the ultimate judge of how helpful these ideas will be to you in your own parenting adventure.

That’s why I’m also offering you a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. If you’re not convinced that what you learn from this book will help you raise healthier, happier, brighter children – and add to your enjoyment of parenthood in the process – I’ll cheerfully refund your $7.

Now you can buy this book with confidence and discover these positively life changing ideas for yourself!


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