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My Recommended Education Websites

Penny Midas Rollo’s amazing non-profit website – 16,000 pages and still growing!

Project Renaissance
The website of Win Wenger, PhD – “You are brighter than you think!”

I Am Foundation
The I AM Foundation is inspiring millions of children and adults worldwide by gifting them with books and music which support literacy, personal growth, and a positive self-image.

Alfie Kohn
Writer and lecturer on human behavior, education, and parenting.

The Education Revolution
The website of the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO).

Waldorf in the Home
Articles on Waldorf education and home schooling, parenting, and family life, plus audio and video recordings of keynotes and workshops from the annual Waldorf in the Home Conferences held each year in Sacramento and Boulder, USA.

Learn In Freedom!
Karl M. Bundy’s website about learning in freedom and taking responsibility for your own learning.

Education Choices
A quarterly magazine for families choosing home education in Australia and New Zealand.

Altlearn Map Network
A growing, worldwide community network of Natural Learners and Unschoolers.

Marc Prensky
Marc Prensky is an internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, consultant, and designer in the critical areas of education and learning.

Games Parents Teachers
A site dedicated to improving Parents’ and Teachers’ understanding of the positive things kids are learning from their video and computer games.

Home Education UK
Resources and support for the home education movement in the UK.

Homeschool Australia
The home of Always Learning Books and the Homeschool Australia newsletter.

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